Breaking New Ground

Breaking New Ground-Warrah’s farmers have been working hard to keep up with all the jobs that need doing before the temperature really drops and everything slows right down.

The regular crops of greens are growing consistently, and we have just started picking mandarins and oranges. A new batch of strawberry runners has arrived for planting.

Soon we will break ground on an uncultivated paddock to form new beds ready for spring sowing. This will allow other areas of the farm to rest beneath a cover crop, which will improve the soil while also attracting beneficial insects and pollinators.

Our monthly routine of stirring and applying Biodynamic preparations allows members of the Warrah community to be part of the process of enhancing the relationship between soil and plants.

Participants have also helped by making weed tea fertilisers. Comfrey has a long taproot, which draws nutrients from deep within the soil into its leaves. The leaves are harvested and left to steep in a bucket of water. Once fermented and broken down, the liquid is diluted and sprayed on the farm.

We are also the lucky recipients of a steady stream of deliveries to our composting bay. This includes, but is not limited to, food scraps, prunings, weeds and leaf litter from all over the property.

The combined effects of these jobs reflect the unique personality of our farm. We feel fortunate to be working in partnership with both the people and the land.

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New GroundNew ground, New ground