GPA POSITION: New Line Road Planning Needs to Incorporate Old Northern Rd to the Intersection of Galston Rd

Contributed by Callum Hoogesteger

The GPA has long held the position that any design that sets out to address the congestion at Dural and Cherrybrook needs to address congestion that exists all the way to the intersection of Galston Road and Old Northern Road.

We would urge the NSW Government to increase the scope of their “study area” to incorporate this stretch of Old Northern Rd. GPA  GPA  GPA 

This is not withstanding the horrible congestion at Round Corner that inhibits Kenthurst residents (it all rolls into the same funnel). When traffic returns to normal the severe congestion will return.

Residents can spend 20 minutes snaking their way from the Galston Rd intersection, past Dural Public School, Redfield College and Quarry Rd, to then join the queue at New Line Rd. This congestion will not be addressed by the design and will remain. The design should be cohesive and comprehensive, and the scope needs to be increased.

The cost of increasing the scope would probably be relatively low, particularly in the long term, as opposed to commissioning a further design and development works separately later. A bit of additional future planning would not go astray, rather than build hundreds of houses and address the infrastructure after the fact.

Traffic congestion will only be exacerbated by the recent approval of subdivision around Dural Public School and will deteriorate even further when the properties that have been “land banked” around Redfield are approved for subdivision. Residents of Galston, Glenorie and districts will be adversely affected.

We thank the NSW Government for progressing the planning. This is a welcome milestone.

We especially thank local federal member, Julian Lesser MP for pushing so hard to get this project moving: “New Line Road is a NSW Government responsibility however my concern for the lack of attention to the road, led me to fight for and secure $10 million in federal funds to ensure the upgrade of the road would be planned and get the ball rolling to prepare the road for the investment by the NSW Government.” Julian Lesser.

We would encourage everyone to request incorporation of Old Northern Rd to Galston Rd in the design when providing your feedback.

We also compliment the NSW Government on such an intuitive channel for feedback. Check it out for yourself online: or email [email protected]