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The Ray Whiteman Heritage Fence – The Glenorie Progress of our fantastic initiative needs your support.

Excitement builds as the Gosford Quarries sandstone is prepared and the carvings commence!

OK all the background work has been done for the Ray Whiteman Heritage Fence in the Wal Buckingham Gardens. HSC’s David De-Fina, Landscape Co-ordinator and Zoe have developed the cohesive plan linking the cenotaph to the Glenorie Memorial Hall via the new heritage fence in one flowing design respecting the sacred area for ANZAC and beautifying the landscape.

The state government has contributed $30,000 in two grants. The Whiteman family Trust have contributed $20,000 and the Community minded Bendigo bank has matched this funding with a $50,000 amount.

Now comes the call for community/ business sponsorship of the fence to supplement these funds.

Let us paint you a picture of this awesome tribute to Ray and beautiful carvings by Aussie Stonemasons to reflect the heritage of Glenorie District….

There will be two entrance gates of four piers each. The Northern entrance gates will have the dedication pier to Ray (see below) complimented by A Welcome To Country to recognise our indigenous roots. The placement of the other two entrance piers is yet to be determined.

Of those if who you who remember Ray Whiteman and his considerable contribution to our community you will respect these words to be engraved on his Dedication pier.

Ray Whiteman Heritage Fence
“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King

This is dedicated to Ray Whiteman for his considerable contribution to the greatness of the Glenorie Community.

The Southern Entrance Piers will bear the military crests of the services to respect the servicemen who fought for our country in the many conflicts in which Australians have served.

The remaining piers will tell our story – A Convict and Soldier about early settlement, early transport – Glenorie Bus Company, early farming, flora and fauna of the district. Karl and Peter of Aussie Stonemasons are working on creating works of art that will draw visitors from far and wide to admire this piece of history.

Now we need YOU to help us complete this by making a donation towards the Ray Whitemans Heritage Fence. You can donate as much or a little as you like. If everyone donated the cost of a cup of coffee we would raise around $15,000. Businesses can also donate.

Although we are not allowed to show sponsors on the wall or in the park, we can promote sponsorship in other ways. This enclosed park will benefit everyone in Glenorie, so please consider making a donation. Donations directly to our bank account at Galston Community Bank attract no fees, so please consider making a deposit to Galston Community Bank, Bendigo Bank – BSB 633-000

Account number: 172 608 085
Account Name: The Ray Whiteman Heritage Fence Fund