The crisp starry nights have been good weather for a fire pit in the back yard. Some good friends, good food and a warm fire can make for an entertaining evening outdoors, however it remains important to be aware of your council regulations regarding outdoor burns.

Hornsby Council does not permit any bonfires for recreational purposes, but recreational fires for the purpose of cooking are allowed and should be contained within an appropriate structure such as a bar-be-que. More information is available on the Hornsby Council website, always be sure to check before you light anything.

The Hills council area, recreational and cooking fires are permitted outside Total Fire Ban periods. A campfire or barbecue may be lit for cooking or warmth providing the fire is in a permanently constructed fire place with at least two metres cleared of any combustible material, or it is at a site with at least three metres cleared of any combustible material, an adult is in attendance at all times, and the fire is completely extinguished before leaving. Again, checking your council website is important to be sure you comply with the regulations for your area.

If you wish to pile burn in The Hills area, read the council requirements, complete an Application for Approval to Burn Dead and Dry Vegetation online, and be sure to provide your contact phone number and email address for return notification. It is as simple as that.

Washed-out Fire trails. Recent reconnaissance checks in the area have revealed works and maintenance needed to some trails. The Idlewild trail has had the road damaged and washedout in some areas. The Brigade will continue to schedule and send out teams to check on these vital corridors for future access and community safety.

Eight new Firefighter recruits recently undertook successful assessment and joined our ranks of community friends, there is always room for more. If you have been thinking this is something that interests you, come into Glenorie Fire Station Saturday and have a look.

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