With one million plus homes in the urban interface around Australia’s major capital cities, it’s critical that we start acting now to get prepared for the coming summer. Lessons of last year teach us that a combination of global warming and consistently higher temperatures mean we can reasonably expect another catastrophic fire season from hell. Australian Pump Industries is preparing to double its production of high pressure fire pumps and to send out tens of thousands of fire survival guides early this year.

“We know that the volunteer brigades are doing the best they can all around the country”, said Aussie Pumps; Product Manager, Brad Farrugia. “There’s no way they can contain or even backburn the huge amount of fuel that survived last year’s fires. That fuel load is now bigger than ever, thanks to the recent rain”, he said.

The fire survival guide is continuously updated by Australian fire Pumps based on the feedback from fire authorities and users. It shows how to prepare house, farm, outbuildings and even deals with crop and stock protection.

Properties around powerlines are particularly susceptible and Ausgrid;s Chief Operating Officer, Trevor Armstrong said that this year’s bushfire safety program has more importance than ever. Ausgrid are already using two helicopters to patrol powerlines as one of the most efficient ways to take preventative action against powerline generated fires.

Living on the outskirts of the big cities and towns, amongst the trees is a wonderful environment except when the fires come.

Further information on the Aussie Fire Chief and the Aussie Survival Guide range from their website Australian Pump Industries (02) 8865 3500 or

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