The Glenorie Progress Association held its AGM in August with Di Coxon-Ellis returned as President. Thank you to Di and all of the team at the GPA for its tireless work in the interests of the Glenorie Community.

Ray Whiteman Heritage Fence progress Thanks to the Hornsby Shire Council Parks, Trees & Recreation Branch planning for the Ray Whiteman Heritage Fence is progressing well. A draft landscape plan that incorporates the whole park with additional car parking has been developed. Subject to some amendments/improvements, the plan should be endorsed by stakeholders and progress to become a plan we can all stand behind as a project and focus on community funding. You can see full details on our website at including the full landscape plan. Thank you to Warren Waddell and the Hornsby Shire Council Team for the great work thus far.

No community consultation at Hornsby Shire in relation to Biodiversity Map

At the August Council meeting, the most impactful option was selected by the Greens Councillor and supported with the casting vote by the Liberal Mayor in relation “to update the Hornsby Local Environmental Plan 2013 (HLEP 2013) Terrestrial Biodiversity Map. The impact was that the application of vegetation mapping would affect approximately 12,150 properties in the shire as opposed to the current 1,750 or one of the other options of 4,100 properties.

The Terrestrial Biodiversity Map is a complex matter but depending on how it is applied it could result in significant ‘green tape’ for Glenorie and all HSC residents. The Council has now chosen the most impactful application, thanks to the casting vote of the Mayor.

The Mayor is to be commended on the various environmental programs he has commenced, particularly addressing the tree canopy issue in suburbs. The GPA is disappointed and does not agree with the approach to this matter.

The GPA is entirely neutral when it comes to politics (not bipartisan, multi-partisan) and is made up of members with diverse voting preferences. The GPA was unanimous in agreeing that a decision of this significance should have been taken to the community for consultation. We now fear it is too late to do anything about this move by the HSC that will affect so many residents.

Further, the GPA wishes to stress the difference between a semi-rural community like Glenorie versus a dense suburb like, for instance, Pennant Hills. Green tape that could mean that for the most minor alteration on your own property such as extending a shed could trigger the application of some form or environmental assessment. This is not practical in a community like Glenorie. It sounds expensive and burdensome.

The minutes from the meeting reflect that some councillors were urging community consultation.

An amendment was moved by councillor hutchence, seconded by councillor browne, THAT: 1. A Discussion Paper be prepared outlining the three options to update the Terrestrial Biodiversity Map within the Hornsby Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013 as discussed in Director’s Report No. PL5/20.

2. The Discussion Paper include details about the advantages and disadvantages, mapping criteria, planning implications and number of properties and land impacted by each option.

3. Council undertake community consultation to seek public comment on the options outlined in the Discussion Paper.

4. A report be presented to Council on the outcomes of the community consultation process to assist Council in its consideration of the Planning Proposal to update the Terrestrial Biodiversity Map within the LEP.

A summary of the options is presented here:

This is an important issue and could affect HSC residents of Glenorie for decades to come. The summary is that the most impactful option to apply “Bushland Protection” has been selected for your property. This selection has been made without your consultation.

The GPA will be communicating to council that it would like this matter put to the community for consultation, but we fear the decision has been made and it may be too late, and unfortunately our community may be impacted by it.

You can review the reference material for yourself in the council board papers here: Thank you to councillors Warren Waddell and Michael Hutchence who work so hard for our community and keep us informed of matters affecting us.

You can join the GPA at and add your voice to important issues that affect Glenorie. Next meeting location to be advised on the website (RSL or Zoom).

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