To: The Valued Clients and Friends of Compass Travel & Cruising Galston
“Au Revoir “………. for Now

After almost 35 years in Galston Village, we are sad to announce that we need to make some changes!

Covid 19 has impacted our entire society and many industries, but none have been so badly impacted as the Travel Industry! Travel agents were the first into this mess. Early signs of this pandemic emerged way back in February and, sadly, travel agents will be last out of this unprecedented event, taking years for any income recovery to take effect. This will be long after the borders open and travel bans are lifted. The damage done by Covid19 to the travel industry is irreversible. Unfortunately, we have had to make a tough business decision, which is to vacate our beloved Galston bricks and mortar office as the daily outgoing costs of operating our business with no income potential at all (in fact we are operating in a negative income situation) make it unsustainable to make ends meet.

We are extremely proud to say that, at the start of this pandemic, we were able to help many of our clients actually get home before the close of international borders. We worked around the clock to assist those already away and those to about depart our shores. It was those times that really proved the incredible worth of the travel agent, and never more worthy of our catchline “Without a Travel Agent You are on Your Own”

The good news is – It’s not Goodbye! Award-winning Compass Travel & Cruising have moved their operations to work remotely from our homes for the foreseeable future. There is still much work to be done with the chasing of refunds from suppliers and starting to plan ways for our loyal clients to use those Future Travel Credits when the time is right! Our phones 02 9653 2028 and emails [email protected] remain the same. We remain members of Travellers Choice (currently Australia’s number 1 industry agency group) AFTA and ATAS accredited.

Our current staff Lynn and Jean are working by phone and email Monday to Friday 10am -2pm but are missing the friendly faces of our clients who always called in for a chat when in the village – travelling or not!

To all the loyal clients and many friends of Compass for the past 35 years we say thank you. Without you and those of you who have referred us to family and friends, this small family run business would not have achieved the success and industry accolades that it has had over the years. So Bye Bye from our bricks n mortar and hello from our new online office! If you would like to subscribe to our e-newsletter, drop us a line, and we will add you in. Until we can meet face to face again – Keep safe, take care and keep dreaming of your next adventure which starts right here with us at Compass Travel & Cruising!

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