Glenorie District Cricket Club

The Glenorie District Cricket Club is a community-based cricket club who welcomes male and female players of all ages and skill levels.

Founded in 1893 our 129-year history as a cricket club is deeply entwined with the history and the community of the Hills District. As a modern club, we stand by our values of ‘SPIRIT’; Sportsmanship, Positivity, Integrity, Respect, Inclusivity and Tenacity. We exist for the love of cricket and for our community.

We are seeking new players of all ages and experience. As a club we will provide you with an environment and the resources to develop your skills and cricketing experience, inspire a lifelong love of cricket and create opportunities for you to enjoy a competitive standard of cricket with your mates.

Gglenorie District Cricket Club

On Sunday the 31st of July the GDCC is set to host a COME & TRY DAY at Les Shore Oval from 11am – 2pm. This event is perfect for boys and girls aged 5-16, with opportunities to take part in a variety of cricket games designed to suit all levels. Come down and enjoy a BBQ, win some prizes, and meet a special guest from Sydney Thunder! All welcome!

We have an exciting season of cricket and events ahead, stay up to date and find out more via:

Facebook: Glenorie District Cricket Club
Instagram: GlenorieDistrictCricketClub

Early Bird discounts and incentives available.