Sydney Hills District Branch of the Association of Independent Retirees

In Association of Independent Retirees’ next meeting will be held on Friday 1st July, 2022 At Beecroft Presbyterian Church Hall, Welham St., Beecroft.

The Committee has been working to bring Face to Face and Zoom Meetings to our members.

Arrive 10.30am for the meeting will commence 10.45am Our guest speaker will be Dr. Nikki-Anne Wilson. A Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Neuroscience Research Australia, Specialising in Dementia.

Nikki will discuss: What dementia is, what it isn’t and how to avoid it.

Dementia is NOT inevitable. Discuss risk-factors and introduce strategies you can use to support your brain health. She will also explain the different types of dementia and explain how to recognise it in others; memory, language and behaviour. This meeting will be followed by the Investment and Discussion Group Meetings

Commencing at 12.30 pm Topics for Discussion will be: Changes taking effect in Superannuation rules on July 1st, 2022 Death Benefits Tax. Come along meet new friends or join via Zoom. Keep up to date with changes that will affect you in retirement.

For more information please contact Mal Steel: [email protected]

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