This walk starts at the bottom of the Galston Gorge on the western side of the bridge. Parking is limited so weekdays or early mornings may be easier.

Although I rated this one a three the start is tough and straight up for about the first 15 minutes so possibly a four and if you’re menopausal like me you may need to stop on your way up for a hot flush or two.

Very early in the climb, there are about five metal rungs placed into a large rock ledge. These are pretty easy to negotiate.

Once mastered, the rest of the track is well defined and made up of stone steps zigzagging upwards.

This climb up has some lovely views back across the valley. Heading up the gorge towards Hornsby, the squealing of tyres and the sounds of cars as they round the hairpin bend rather more quickly than is needed occasionally ruins the serenity. You may also hear cyclists talking to each other as they train for there next upcoming
“Tour de Wherever”

Once at the top you reach a fire trail, the track then goes right or left. It doesn’t matter which way you choose as they will join up within a few minutes.

The track is broad and a very pleasant gradient.

Not far along on your right, you will see a narrow rough track. If you look up the hill to a rocky outcrop, this is a great place to stop and enjoy the views across to Galston.

If you don’t head up this track and continue on the fire trail you will reach the campground called Tunks Ridge. Here you can choose to finish your walk and return to the start or continue on and further your adventure. From Tunks Ridge, if you choose up, you will eventually end up at the end of Quarry Road Dural, but if you head down, you can walk all the way to Hornsby, the choice is yours.

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