GALSTON EQUESTRIAN CLUB (GEC) has a diverse range of horse and rider activities. A fairly new horse sport that is growing in popularity is Working Equitation.

Working Equitation is a sport that combines traditional styles of riding from various countries with an obstacle course as well as working with cattle. Working Equitation competition is conducted at all levels of riding. It involves riding a dressage test, undertaking an Ease of Handling course, a speed course as well as a cattle phase. The cattle phase requires the availability of suitable equipment and cattle!

The committee of GEC has undertaken to develop the equipment and opportunities for members to learn the range of skills required to undertake ease of handling within the set regulations of the sport. This involves having fun and developing the horses’ confidence and the riders’ skills with the obstacles!

GEC is a Working Equitation weekend 22 and 23 June 2019 which was very successful. For further information about GEC please go to our website or Facebook page.