Something for everyone. Positive Partnership Program

GALSTON EQUESTRIAN CLUB has implemented a calendar this year, which incorporates such a wide range of horse activities that it will appeal to every different type of horse enthusiast.

Apart from the mainstream Dressage and Showjumping training and events we also offer some more diverse equestrian activities that will appeal to a broader spectrum of horse owners, whether they are riders or not. One such of these days is the Positive Partnership program offered on the second Tuesday of every month.

Positive Partnership is a casual and friendly group training day where the focus is on training using Positive Reinforcement. There are four main quadrants/types of Behavioral Modification Training. They all work, to a greater or lesser extent, however, Positive Reinforcement is proven to be the most effective and fastest way to achieve the result that you are after. But apart from being purely an effectual means to an end in terms of training there are other side effect benefits that are picked up along the way. It is the kindest and nicest way to train. The horse loves it. It follows then that the horse learns to love spending time with you, and you feel good because what you’re doing is nice, and when you do nice things you feel good about yourself.

As a result of the horses active and voluntary role in the training (remember he wants to do it because he’s enjoying it) he becomes so focused on what he’s doing he can switch off to external stimulus that would normally distract him and potentially make him anxious. It increases dopamine in his brain, which is a neurotransmitter. It makes the horse feel good, strengthening the pathway in the brain making him want to do that activity again.

The things that normally make your horse nervous/ tense cease to be a problem. With Positive Reinforcement you can help your horse overcome almost anything. This type of training can be applied over all walks of equestrian activities, from Dressage Riding to Agility from the ground. These days are open to Members only.

If you’re interested in learning more about these days please consult the website www.