Galston Equestrian Club – March is jam-packed with events!

We had some very pleasant surprises on our membership registration day. Some of our new members have either just moved into the local area, or live in the Windsor area, but have heard of GEC's friendly and encouraging atmosphere and so have chosen to travel all the way to join our club.  We had one continuing member comment how they love the variety of events we have on this year – Success!

Unfortunately, due to the extreme heat on Sunday 12 th February, the fully booked show jumping Keira Burns clinic had to be postponed, and has been rescheduled for Saturday 4 th March. The first Légèreté clinic has also been postponed to 4 th March. A few riders who would not have been able to attend on the 4 th , had their lessons in the morning before the hottest part of the day and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We have introduced some mid -week events in addition to our very full weekend program. The first of these will be small group show-jumping lessons with Peter Haynes, to be held the second Wednesday of every month starting on 8 March. Accredited NCAS coach Peter Haynes has over 35 years experience in the professional horse world, extending to most facets of equestrian sports and all the Olympic disciplines. He trained with the NSW Elite Squad for 10 years, has represented Australia in eventing and was the 1998 Australian International 3 Day Event Champion. Peter believes that confidence as well as horsemanship is paramount for riding success, and applies a systematic approach to helping riders build and consolidate their skills.  Priority will be given to GEC members, but any slots available one week before the training day will be opened to non-members.

Our first social event of the year is a demonstration by Judy and Daniella Dierks of Advanced Dressage Training Stables at their property at 100 Arcadia Rd, Galston, on Thursday 9 th March. There is a $5 entry fee to be donated to Judy's dog rescue charity.  Afterwards we will meet for lunch at Greenshades in Galston.

Sunday 12 th March will see popular instructor Lucas Hurps giving individual flatwork lessons.  A horsemanship fun day will be running in another arena, which should be great fun for horses and riders.

Thursday 16 th March will be our first education evening, held at the Galston Club. This is open to the general public (free) and Judy Brightman from Eponaquest will be giving a talk exploring the healing potential of horse-human relationships. This should be a fascinating evening from which we could all benefit.

On Wednesday 22 nd March, we will be having Rebecca Ashton running training day lessons and another horsemanship fun day for those who couldn’t attend on Sunday 12 th March.

Sunday 26 th March will be the first Members Only Dressage competition, which is a great chance for everyone to compete in a relaxed informal atmosphere (no jackets and no plaiting!) and be encouraged to try a new test.

Jack Wenban of Wenban Horse Float & Trailer Repairs accepted our Certificate of Appreciation, for their generous donation which we used to purchase bright dazzle board to add to our set of show jumps last year. Thank you for your support.

Upcoming events:
9th April – Show Jumping Competition AM7
23 rd April – Dressage Protocol Day with excellent judges Agility with Suzanne Bellete
27 th April – Natural Horsemanship talk with Carmen Smith at the Galston Club

As usual, please check our Facebook page and our website for up to date information on all our events.

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