Galston Concerts: Free ‘World Tours

The Galston Concerts are offering free ‘world tours’ Sunday 29 May, starting 2pm in Galston Uniting Church.

Three continents in an hour, starting with music by Mozart and Schubert in Vienna, a ‘shore excursion’ to Warsaw for some Polish folk dances, a dash to New York for songs by Broadway favourites Stephen Sondheim and George Gershwin, then an unscheduled stopover in Buenos Aires for a Piazzolla tango encore. A travel bargain – and no jetlag.

Three ‘colours’ from the three great ladies of Three’s Company: soprano Narelle Yeo, clarinetist Deborah de Graaf and pianist Tonya Lemoh – all world-travelling performers in pre-pandemic times, all keen to return to international successes when travel trends further improve.

Their 2pm concert, finishing 3-ish, also will have Galston’s customary organ prelude from c. 1.30pm – a chance for the audience to arrive and settle into favourite seats in the beautiful ambience of Galston Uniting – stained glass in modern style as a contrast to the rich decoration of the historic Forster and Andrews pipe organ.

There’ll be one missing ingredient: the return of Galston’s famous post-concert afternoon teas will be delayed until COVID has really calmed down.

What won’t be missing is the buzz of the audience, thrilled to see the concerts return in March, with other programs mapped out for 24 July, 18 September, 20 November – dates for your diary.

To guarantee best seats for 29 May bookings are recommended – by phone to 9653 2039 (Galston Uniting office) or to concerts director Robert Harris on 0428 248 348. Door sales just prior to the concert are also an option – though it’s best to phone to check on availability.

World Tours