Friends of Fagan Park

By Vern Sotter

We don’t have much to report this edition of Fagan Park mainly due to the atrocious wet weather. Two of our usual Tuesday workdays were rained out and we had much-reduced member numbers on other days.

As we previously advised Bruce Fagan‘s 1932 Leyland Truck developed a fuel supply problem, which caused us some deep thinking, and we are suspicious of modern day fuels in steel fuel tanks of yesteryear, so it was decided to completely dismantle the fuel system from fuel tank to carburettor, there was evidence of grit in the filters, and some adjustments to the vacuum system which is how the fuel is delivered.

We are happy to report she is as good as gold again… she would love a load of mandarins to take to Hornsby rail. We needed to do some tidying up and rearranging of displays, so we have started on that part of our work. A heavy steel gate and its hinge post fell over in the wet ground , it is a bog there, no point digging a hole it fills with water, implements bog, never seen the like.

Council have repaired the access road, which was severely damaged some of which ended up washed out onto Arcadia Road. We are concerned and will address the evidence of mould in Netherby home.

Fagan Park