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How did I get the wrong day for ANZAC Day last time? My apologies to all our readers.

We have been getting ready for ANZAC Day, our first Open Day since Covid-19 began. All of our vehicles have suffered from having stale fuel and have been a challenge to get going. A couple of tractors have (so far) refused to cooperate and may have to stay in the shed on the day. An accumulation of dust over everything has required a lot of work to become presentable again. It will all be over when you are reading this, and we hope it was enjoyable for our visitors, whether local or not. I will report on it next issue.

One of our current challenges is to make sure visitors to the Museums register by scanning one of the QR codes that are on each building. Even though we have no Covid-19 in the community, it remains important to trace people’s movements in the event of an outbreak.

With so much attention being directed to a big clean-up, not so much has been happening on our projects. On the International truck, we have done another batch of thicknessing of timber at the Dural Men’s Shed, and one of our members is being shown how to use their machinery for metal forming with a view to making new mudguards for the truck. We extend our thanks to the Dural Men’s Shed for giving us their time and use of their machinery.

We are both happy and sad that our only lady member, Jean Elborn, has left us. Jean had planned to relocate to New Zealand early in 2020, but was caught by the closure of borders on the very day of her planned departure. We gave Jean a little send-off morning tea on 20 April, and she flew out on 21st. We wish her all the best for her new life in NZ with her twin sister over there. We will all miss her, as will Netherby gardens which she lovingly tended.

If you would like to contact us to offer your services as a volunteer, call Ian 0419 435 475, or Vern 0405 703 413.

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