HSC Needs Feedback on 2024 – 2025 Draft Hills Shire Plan

The Hills Shire Council is encouraging locals to share their thoughts in a survey about the 2024 – 2025 Draft Hills Shire Plan.

According to the Council, the Draft Hills Shire Plan consists of five documents, which the Council plans to use as a framework to progress the strategic objectives set out in the Hills Future during the next financial year (FY).

The online and mail submissions will be accepted until Wednesday (5 PM), 8 May 2024.

To sum up, the Plan includes the following parts:

  1. The Hills Future Community Strategic Plan is composed of five community visions over a 10-year period: Building a Vibrant Community & Prosperous Economy, Proactive Leadership, Shaping Growth, Delivering & Maintaining Infrastructure, and Valuing Our Surroundings. 
  2. Draft Delivery Program 2024 – 2028 describes an outline of the Council’s main activities to perform its functions and deliver on the community’s priorities outlined in the Community Strategic Plan, along with the Council’s legislative responsibilities and regulatory functions it is required to implement. 
  3. Draft Resourcing Strategy 2024 – 2028 supports the Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program, and Operational Plan by pinpointing how the Council can progress the community’s long-term goals regarding time, money, assets, and people. It is reviewed every four years.
  4. Draft Operational Plan 2024 – 2025 is a one-year extract from the four years of the Delivery program and points out the activities, actions and projects, and capital portfolios the Council intends to deliver over the FY.  
  5. Draft Fees and Charges document includes proposed fees and charges for the next FY, such as those for asset management, roads & parks, community facilities, environment & health, infrastructure projects and services, library services, Waves Fitness & Aquatic Centre and more. 

For online submissions, residents can access the survey via the Council’s community engagement website, Hills Have Your Say, here: Draft 2024 – 2025 Hills Shire Plan

On the other hand, the Council advises that the public submit its mail to the Chief Financial Officer, The Hills Shire Council, PO Box 7064, Norwest NSW 2153.