Friends of Fagan Park

Planning is under way for our next Open day on ANZAC Day, Wednesday, 25th April. Everyone is welcome to come and see all our displays. It may be of interest to people that every item on display in the museums and homestead is in original condition, and in the case of mechanical items like tractors, engines, carts etc, all in working order. We choose to bring out a selection each Open Day and give them a run.

The problems with the Farmall F14 tractor restoration project mentioned previously have been overcome, and we can now report that as of 6th March, it is running quite well and was driven around the Museum area to celebrate. There remains only some tidying up, paint touch up and tting of decals to complete the project. It is 67 years since it last ran, so it gives a lot of satisfaction to see it nally restored. We started in August 2015, so it has been a 2½-year project. A photo of the tractor and some of the volunteers who have been involved in the project is featured. As mentioned before, it has quite a history, which will be part of our ANZAC Day display.

The Friends of Fagan Park maintain the gardens around Netherby Homestead, and in spring in particular they are magnicent. With recent rain, everything has bounced back from the very dry spell. If residents have any repairs needing the attention of our blacksmiths, please feel free to bring them to the park, (on a Tuesday morning for preference), and they will be only too happy to assist. If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Ian Browning, Honorary Curator, 0419 435 475.

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