Friends of Fagan Park

Our Australia Day Open day was well supported by our volunteers, and special mention to our two blacksmiths and assistants who put on displays of their artistry. It was pretty hot day, so the public in the park tended to stay in their shady spots rather than venture up to see the Museums. Just the same, there was a good level of interest by those who did. Our next Open day will be ANZAC Day.

In addition to our working displays, a number of our volunteers brought their vintage cars, including Morris, Austin, Hillman Hunter, Buick Electra, 2 Mercedes, a Morgan, and a Leyland Force 7. This last car is a frequent visitor to the Park, and is one of just a handful in existence.

Our current Farmall F14 tractor restoration project is causing us some grief, as the engine that was running a couple of months ago now refuses to cooperate. It’s not that far off completion once we get over this glitch. This tractor has a spectacular history, but you’ll have to come to the Museum to find out what makes it so special. We have an exciting new project waiting in the wings, and we will reveal more of this later.

The Friends of Fagan Park are always on the lookout for new volunteers, whether interested in the homestead, or in gardening, or cataloguing the collection, for example. You do not need to have specific skills – current Friends have backgrounds in banking, electronics and aviation to name a few – and you do not need to be truly locals, but within reasonable travelling distance of course.

Ian Browning, Honorary Curator, 0419 435 475.