First Dural Venturers take to Zoom

It is not easy to manage scouting activities during a pandemic lockdown, but the enterprising youngsters at First Dural Venturers have moved to Zoom, with an origami meeting in late July and a Kahoot(quiz) meeting and a home-based in scavenger hunt in August.

They started the origami with an envelope so that Venturers could get used to taking instructions over the internet. But they soon discovered that it was not so easy and the whole time was taken up with the “simple” envelope, so they ran out of time before the more complex piece could be started. However, it did turn out to be fun both for the Venturers and watching parents.

Kahoot got underway with no one wanting to suggest a quiz topic until someone suggested the movie Finding Nemo, which was followed by more challenging science type subjects on plants and vibrations. Again, lots of fun and a bit less chaotic than origami.

The scavenger hunt promised to be calmer with the Leader nominating household items like soft drink cans, pet food cans, plastic dishes and grass that caused no problems. But when a soft toy was nominated, one of the parents decided to gate crash the game and produced a large, alive cat. This so confused the leader that he awarded the cat holder double points for ingenuity, leading to chaos and the parent accidentally being declared the winner of the game.

To his credit, the parent did disqualify himself and the game went to genuine Venturers.

The Venturers intend to repeat these activities in the coming weeks and now that they know what to expect and parents will be banned, things might go more smoothly.

If your children are interested in joining First Dural at any level, please contact WarwickMills on 0417 689 571 or [email protected].