A Road to Healing Julian

On the 29th of April 2006 Julian was 17, and he was out celebrating a friend’s birthday at his house in Kenthurst. Julian didn’t feel quite right, so he decided to go for a drive with a friend for some unknown reason.

It turns out that going for this drive saved Julian’s life. As Julian was driving along Pitt Town Rd Kenthurst, he had a stroke, he then lost consciousness. Julian drifted onto the right hand side of the road (travelling at 85kmph). A car was travelling towards him in the opposite direction, and they collided.

The ambulance arrived 15 minutes later, which was lucky as he got the attention that he needed. The medical team realised that he had a stroke and needed to be taken to the hospital faster than by car. A Westpac surf life-saving helicopter was called to take him to the nearest hospital for emergency brain surgery.

He was incredibly lucky to get the medical attention he required for the stroke that he just had! If the crash hadn’t instigated immediate attention, he would have surely died.

Since this life-changing night, he has set out to recover to the best of his abilities. he has started a few different small businesses on his rehabilitation journey. Two of his current businesses are Julian Reddish scarves and Julian Reddish counselling. he has dedicated his life to bringing happiness to himself and others. Through his fashion and counselling business, he is able to fulfil his dream of making a difference in this world.

He became interested in fashion from a young age as his mother has run her own fashion label (Kathleen Berney) for 30+ years. He began attending Kirribilli Art and Design Markets a few years after he came home from the hospital. Attending the markets was the beginning of the Julian Reddish fashion label.

Julian Reddish scarves are locally made and made with complete dedication and love.

Once Julians fashion label was established, he began his next journey to become a qualified counsellor. This experience developed an understanding of himself and others that he never imagined he would get. Since he graduated with a counselling degree, he has had a few years of voluntary experience. The voluntary experience has included Mentoring Men and the Friendship Centre.

he is now a counsellor with 15+ years of real-life experience facing some of life’s most difficult circumstances. He can guide you through whatever difficulties you are facing with confidence and ease. He is running a special introductory offer for his counselling in this time of crisis. If you are not completely happy with your first counselling session with him, it will be free. The introductory offer is $40 per hour.

If you are interested in having a look at his first fashion product, which is the Reddish scarves (other garments coming soon) go to

To book a counselling session, email or call him on [email protected] or 0416865966