Galston Rural Fire Brigade – Feed a Firefighter With Your Empty Bottles and Cans

Did you know it takes 360 empty bottles and cans to feed a crew of hungry firefighters when they are operational out on a fireground, search and rescue or flood recovery operation? Well, not exactly.

As with all local Rural Fire Brigades, we are made up entirely of volunteers with essential equipment such as fire appliances and hoses being supplied by New South Wales Rural Fire Service. Outside of these essential, brigades seek donations from the local community to supply food snack packs and other consumables we may need.

Our recent local donation partnership with Return and Earn will allow you now to donate your payout when returning your containers. 60 cans will give refreshment to one firefighter for one shift, 360 containers will refresh a whole crew for one shift.

Almost all drink containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible. So Galston, start saving those Glass, Plastic, Aluminium, Steel or Liquid Paperboard (cartons); and recycle them at our nearest Return Point at the rear of The Galston Club remembering to select Donations and Galston Rural Fire Brigade when you return your containers.

Check out Galston Rural Fire Brigade on Facebook or Instagram for more details.