Dealing With Arthritis This Winter

Arthritis is Australia’s major cause of disability and pain. Winter is a time when sufferers of arthritis face the most challenge. Every simple task looks daunting. Independence comes with mobility and our ability to conduct our daily chores with least dependence on others. Simple solutions like a pick-up-reacher, a key turner, a jar opener or a tap turner can make a huge difference. The enhanced independence feeds our self worth and self-esteem.

It may be worth considering options in addition to medication to alleviate the inconveniences or sheer pain inflicted by Arthritis during this winter. There are many natural remedies and exercises. Dr Paul Lam, Director, Tai Chi for Health Institute speaks about how Tai Chi can help to deal with Arthritis.

Products as innovative and indispensable as Tap Turners, Jar Openers, or as essential as Sock Aid, can make a challenging task a simple one for arthritis sufferers. Arthritis gloves of various types can be a great relief during this season. It is good to know that there is a range of cutleries that can assist a person who is experiencing difficulties at the dining table. Likewise, there are pressure care products like the simple seat cushion, seat wedge or a back support.

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