Still Creek Landcare – Free Local Native Plants

“Trees for Weeds” is on again in 2022!

We’re proud to announce our Trees for Weeds program is on again for 2022. For each year since 2018 we’ve run programs to distribute free local providence native plants to the community in and around the Still Creek Catchment.

So if you’re in need of some Native Plants for a project that involves Weed removal, Shade, Windbreaks, Creek Stabilisation, Erosion Management, Native

Regeneration or property improvement, contact us.

We know our local area well with its transitional soils and weather conditions. Our Horticulturalists are long term local residents and know their plants. All in all, we can advise on what plants would suit your particular situation and suggest plants that give you what you’d like.

There are plenty of opportunities to enhance your projects and add value, wouldn’t it be good to know the shade tree you’d like has the added benefit of being a food tree for endangered birds or it’s great for honey production!

We can help with advice on how to plant and maintain your plants and even provide some Native Plant Soil conditioner to give the seedling a good start (while stocks last).

Since our first free plants project, ‘Helping Landholders’ in 2018, we’ve had support from the same generous benefactor, without who we couldn’t supply these plants. Thank You.

We also need to acknowledge our Local Community Nurseries from Hornsby, The Hawkesbury and The Hills councils who supplied the bulk of the plants over the years. Without these nurseries, local providence plants would be impossible to source.

So join us in the 2022 Trees for Weeds program. Add value add to your land improvement project with the right plants and advise.

For more information, contact Nick on 9653 2056, email [email protected] or Facebook.

Native Plants