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Hills Branch - Ray Galbraith

The Corona Virus has rendered a near shutdown situation within the budgerigar hobby, with no club meetings at Hills Branch until the recent January 2021 meeting, (conducted with the distancing restrictions and no supper), no Annual Shows, no Inter-Branch State Challenge Show and no National Show, which was due to be held in Bendigo in May 2021, cancelled for the second consecutive year.

2019 and 2020 rung birds have been denied the opportunity to compete during the 2020 and 2021 competition seasons, with no National Logue being available at the National Show.

Whilst this situation has meant a change in the way a normal year within the hobby is conducted; the recent announcement by the Royal Agricultural Society “, that the 2021 Royal Easter Show is to be conducted ,“ has provided some normality to what appears to be another restrictive year for the budgerigar hobby. After the 2020 Royal Easter Show being cancelled; this year 2021 Royal Easter Show will be held between the 1st and 12th April, with Budgerigars on display within Hall No 3, Pet Pavilion on the 6th and 7th April.

Breeders and exhibitors have undertaken the normal daily activities in relation to keeping of budgerigars with the exception of preparation for exhibiting at shows. Aviary visits to other breeders and country friends within the hobby has been severely restricted during Corona Virus, but the use of technology has seen many a budgerigar photograph being inter-changed by mobile telephone.

There appears to be no reduction in the interest to have a pet budgie or keep a small aviary of these little aussie icons. Pet shops seem to turn over their birds for sale on a regular basis. Hills Branch members receive regular enquiries from the general public, seeking advice about their pet or information in general. Over the past year, a younger lady who works within the Galston area has been making an attempt at breeding a pair of budgies; after having obtained a mate for her previously lonely male pet budgie, and seeks regular information, but to no avail; it appears love and not family are the birds only interest, they just keep destroying the eggs. Never the less ,just keeping the birds continues to provide enjoyment.

Care to be part of a hobby that provides enjoyment for the individual, partnership or family, then contact should be made with Ray Galbraith by telephoning 9653 1538 or e-mail [email protected]

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