Australian Pump Industries, Australia’s leading fire pump supplier, has rushed to get a new version of their ‘Bushfire Survival Guide’ out to the public. Called “Aussie Pumps Fire Ready”, the document is a user’s guide to prepare for the worst.

“Too often, homeowners and even farmers are a bit cavalier about the fire season. They don’t start to prepare equipment, carry out elementary protection around the home or farm building or even ensure adequate water supply around those locations until they see smoke on the horizon”, said Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia.

“Our ‘Survival Guide’ covers the essentials but delves into detail often not found even in documents produced by government funded bodies”, he said. “For example, it gives details on how to install the sprinkler system on the roof of the house. You can’t do that when you see the fire coming. If you’re in a vulnerable area, you need to move immediately”, said Farrugia.

Australian Pump’s frontline product is the Aussie Fire Chief. This product has been on the market for a number of years and has won accolades all around the world. It’s regarded as the world’s best portable lightweight fire fighting pump, based on its performance, characteristics and features.

The ‘Survival Guide’ deals with product selection but stresses the need for an adequate water supply to be available, properly prepared to be defended. “There’s no point worrying about getting ready to fight a fire when you smell smoke”, said Farrugia. “The time to get organised is now!” he said.

Free copies of the’ Aussie Fire Survival Guide’ are available from authorised Aussie Pump distributors, CRT locations, Landmark, NRI and irrigation and mower shops around Australia.

The company prints huge quantities of this vital document and stress that they are available free. The document is available online at!