There’s an APP for that… Christmas prepping…

One of the websites that is great for people who find it hard to leave their home or are time poor is This site has the most beautiful animated ecards that you will find on the web. They also produce a yearly Advent Calendar which you can send out. There is a cost involved but the convenience is worth the expense which starts at $14.00 a year.

The other fun thing to do at this time of year is to produce a Calendar of all your favourite photos for next year. These are great family gifts. There is many companies that give you the option to do this. It is probably easier to produce the calendar using a computer although it can be done through your web browser on your iPad device. Snapfish and Photobookshop are some of the well known sites that offer this service. Shop around as they often offer discounts.

Love the way that companies have created interesting names for their businesses to help make them stand out. This is the case with Bockers and Pony Hampers. They delivery hampers Australia wide and have a great selection. Great way of spreading Christmas cheer from the comfort of your lounge chair.

If you are planning to purchase an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer as a gift for a family member or friend you might like to consider purchasing a One on One voucher(s) to add to the gift. This is about personal service to make sure that the individual get’s the most use out of their Apple device.

To organise a One on One session or voucher please call Debbie on Mob: 0418296217.