Debut YA Paranormal Romance Endorsed

“Davies weaves together a complex tale of magic and romance in this sweeping adventure. The world of heritage Witchcraft is well researched and compelling as our heroine navigates her way through arcane secrets and solutions. Davies’ passion for this story and her characters is clear – this is the first book of four. Can’t wait for book two!” — Fiona Horne.

Magick or Love. If both ran deep in your blood, which would you choose?

Turning sixteen is hard enough – just ask Lucy DeBane. Throw in hormones, curfew, nagging parent … oh, and the fact she’s a witch … and she’ll tell you the day she was born is a day to skip altogether.

Lucy’s birthday wish list is short: Gil Daniels, her best friend’s brother and a problem in it’s own right … but Lucy’s day is haunted by the memories of her father’s death and the possibility that by day’s end a life-altering ancestral truth will blow apart the world that she knows.

What starts out as a simple birthday celebration, quickly spins into chaos as Lucy is hunted by an unknown supernatural entity, sending her down a lethal path where she discovers a buried family secret. Lucy must make a decision … become a DeBane witch, or walk away from family for love. Isn’t there a way she can have both?

Mabon Book One of The Clandestine Chronicles will throw readers into a world of romance, magick and dark family secrets. Lucy stumbles over witchcraft into love on her way to defending her loved ones from the grim reaches of her ancestry. It will cast it’s spell on readers from the first page, compelling them to follow Lucy across the four books of this series, as she battles to find place amongst her supernatural counterparts and saves the love of her life.

About the Author – Kellie M Davies

The first spark of an idea for her debut novel Mabon came to Kellie back in April of 2009, where it initially started out as a tale of a vampire and her Keeper conversing in a field near Jindabyne. Mabon soon evolved into a love story between Lucy, a girl with strong female leads in her family and an ‘iffy’ ancestry line, and the gorgeous Gil, who has a habit of questionable timing. Kellie lives locally. .

Mabon is the first of The Clandestine Chronicles series with Yule, Oestara and Litha to follow.