Aussie’s Spring Clean Up

Things are buzzing at No.7 Gladstone Road, Castle Hill

Australian Pump, (Aussie Pumps) is finding that their advanced designs, ISO9001 Quality and fair prices is taking over from the third world low-cost imports! Australians are realising they have been seduced into low priced machinery like pumps and pressure cleaners, without realising the trade off is short life and often unreliable performance (that’s of the machine of course).

“The team at Aussie decided when they began the business if they couldn’t build better machines that were on the market already, then they were basically irrelevant. If we can’t be better than the big corporations or multinationals, we have no place in the market” said John Hales, Chief Engineer.

Today the company is flourishing with export sales around the world of their great high pressure Jetters, pressure cleaners and the famous Aussie Fire Chief, the world’s best lightweight portable fire pump!

“It is gratifying but we have trouble keeping up and that is why we keep advertising for additional staff” said Hales.

“It is time for us to hire a new generation to propel us into the future” said Hales. Visit or phone Linda-Sue Karkowski 8865 3500