Aussie’s Spring Clean Up


Things are buzzing at No.7 Gladstone Road, Castle Hill Australian Pump, (Aussie Pumps) is finding that their advanced designs, ISO9001 Quality and fair prices is taking over from the third world low-cost imports! Australians are realising they have been seduced into low priced machinery like pumps and pressure cleaners, without realising the trade off is […]

Hazard Reduction and Pile Burn Permits are Required

hazard reductions and pile burns

On the 1st of October, the commencement of the statutory bushfire danger period began. This means that you will be required to obtain a permit for hazard reductions and pile burns. The process of obtaining a burn permit differs depending on your Council area. Are you a resident of The Hills Shire Council?  If so, […]

Galston Garden Club

Garden Club

Last weekend The Galston District Garden Club held the Open Garden Weekend, opening seven gardens for the public to ramble through as their leisure. The weather was very kind to us as we had three fine days apart from a shower first thing on Friday morning. All the money raised will go to charity; the […]

Still Creek Landcare: The Bees Need Our Help

Still Creek Landcare

Not only bees but most pollinating insects are having a very hard time with La Nina washing away all the pollen and nectar. Bees are particularly hard hit with producers reporting hives dying and many producers are now having to feed their hives. I was alerted to this situation by a local bee keeper after […]

Playtime at The Centre


Playtime is located within The Centre at 1 Pellitt Lane, Dural and is open to any parents or carers who have children aged 0-5. It offers an opportunity for children to learn and have fun through structured play. There is craft, free play, outside play, songs and so much more. It is a great way […]