Wow! Our Associations are both 130 Years old!

The Glenorie Progress Association and the Galston Glenorie District Cricket Club have been around in recorded history since 1893.

Glenorie was originally part of Dural and later known as North Dural. Both associations were originally called North Dural Progress Association and North Dural Cricket Club.

The name North Dural caused confusion for the post office and, at a meeting of the Progress Association as below, after an “animated discussion” and for the stated reason that “we are getting quite a little township up here, the place should be properly named”, the majority of members decided on two names.

So in April 1894, local resident William Black offered the Colony’s Postmaster General two names: Hazeldene and Glenorie.

We know this because…An article appeared in the Cumberland Mercury Page 4 December 1893 with both the GPA and GGDCC in the News…

Progress Association
The monthly meeting was held on Monday
evening, Mr. Douglas (president) in the chair.
An animated discussion took place on the question
of changing the name of the district, and
Several members handed in a list of names to
the chairman, the majority deciding on two
names from Mr. W. Black’s list, Hazledeanand Glenorie. Cricket.

Our local club met Galston last Saturday on
our own ground, North Dural being the victors
by two runs. Both clubs were represented
by a strong team and good play was observable
on both sides, Sippe was in good form with
the bill. North Dural are improving greatly.
W. Dettman bowled splendidly, getting most
of the wickets, with an average of seven runs
per wicket. This promising young howler
will, if he improves at the same rate, cause
trouble to our opponents in future matches.
A large number of ladies again favoured the
cricketers with their presence. And the fair ones
were delighted at their champions winning the
match. Our boys play Galston all-day
match on Boxing Day, and on New Year s
Day an all-day match will be played at North Dural in return.
The ladies of North Dural are organising a
picnic for New Year’s Day, to be held on the
cricket ground. They will entertain the cricketing
men from Galston, also the local club, at
dinner; and after the match tea will conclude
what is expected to be a very enjoyable day.

They were later recorded to have had a “spiffing time”
Then finally on Saturday September 15, 1894, the Mercury announced
The post-office, at present known as North
Dural, will bear the designation of Glenorie
on and- from the 1st proximo.

So North Dural Post Office had opened on 1 August 1894 and was renamed Glenorie PO on 1 October 1894. The name Glenorie was accepted because it had the support of the local progress association.

Origin of the name is under dispute…Glenorie was purportedly named after a town in Scotland, BUT, according to Ruby Ramm in her recollections Life at Lansdale, Glenorie is an Aboriginal name meaning “much water”. And there are many springs in the area, the largest of which was estimated in 1970 to provide 90 million gallons (409 megalitres) of clean water each year.

Anyway… two associations, now the Glenorie Progress Association and the Glenorie Cricket Club both have a rich history which is deeply entwined in the community of the Hills District.

Galston Glenorie District Cricket Club
GDCC 1909

Words from our resident Stan Shore attest to the longevity of the Cricket Club.

“ James Shore (Stan’s father) restarted the Glenorie Cricket Club as its President after the Second World War with brother Les as his Secretary. Together they badgered the Baulkham Hills council to provide a recreation area on the Hills Council’s side of the Old Northern Rd. Council eventually responded with a piece of ground.

Dad then organised the locals, with their tractors, earthmoving equipment, trucks, shovels, etc., and set about building a cricket ground, with some help from Council, which has ended up being named the LES SHORE OVAL mainly because of his efforts in Council to keep upgrading its facilities and maintaining them.

The whole family participated for many years, Even Mum, who became the Official Scorer for the A Grade side (Winning several Association trophies for “The Neatest Scorebook”). I personally started with the Club in 1950 as a 12-y o in Glenorie’s Very First Junior Team (Under 15’s) I progressed through the senior yanks, Captaining Glenorie’s Very first A Grade Team to win the HKCA A Grade Shield in the 1972-73 Season. My two sons, Andrew and Stephen played for the GCC. Andrew distinguished himself by representing the NSW Junior Cricket Association playing a match on the SCG.

Finally, I retired in the 1992-93 season, aged 56, privileged to be playing my last game on the Glenorie Oval, as it was called then, with my son, Stephen and his daughter,  my granddaughter, Elizabeth.”

Thank you Stan and the Shore family for their contribution to the Cricket Club. Stan is also a member of the Glenorie Progress Association and the Memorial Hall Committee, so the Associations are all intertwined for decades in contributing to the Wonderful rural Community we all enjoy so much.

Currently the Glenorie District Cricket Club, family focused club, GDCC has teams competing in both Junior and senior competitions within the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai District Cricket Association. GDCC also participates in the ‘Woolworths Junior Cricket Blasters’ program which focuses on learning the basic skills of cricket through fun, game-based activities.

Club values are SPIRIT; Sportsmanship, Positivity, Integrity, Respect, Inclusivity & Tenacity. GDCC boasts a dedicated group of players, coaches, and volunteers who are committed to creating a positive and enjoyable cricketing experience for all members.

Galston Glenorie District Cricket Club
GDCC 2022-23

Since that time in the 1890s the Glenorie Progress Association (GPA) has followed a path to lobby on behalf of the residents for improved community services and infrastructure for the suburb of Glenorie. For more than 130 years, we have provided a voice for the community on local issues.

Our mission is to be a collective voice for residents in our community. To effectively liaise with both Hornsby and Hills Shire Councils as well as the New South Wales State Government and Federal Government.

Galston Glenorie District Cricket ClubAfter WW2, in 1947, a meeting of the GPA was held with representatives from Hornsby ang Baulkham Hills shires, and this resulted in the formation of the Glenorie Volunteer Bushfire Brigade. The first bush fire station was on land on Post Office Road, then moved to Dept of Education ‘shed’ next to the Glenorie Memorial Hall.

The hall, which was officially opened in 1933, built to commemorate local men who died in WW1, was used for films, dances and concerts. Glenorie School of Arts was established in 1902, and the members met in an old wooden school room which became their hall. The Progress Association has fought to retain the Hall in hands of the community.

The GPA has worked tirelessly for progressing the needs of the residents of the Village and beyond in many allied organisations as outlined above. We work within the continual tyranny of separation into two Council areas and two State Government areas. Names that spring to mind who have pioneered these organisations are Black, Shore, Schwebel, Nicholson, Porter, Broadribb, Watt, Hitchcock, Hughes, Saunders, Garemyn, Ramm, Featherston, Buckingham. Mobbs, Hart, Dale, Scott, Paine, Smith, Muscio, and many more.

Of course there is the amazing Ray Whiteman who led the GPA and the Memorial Haall Committee for many years. The GPA is currently seeking community funding to build a Heritage Fence with sandstone carvings to chronicle the heritage of the district from the First Nations people, settlement from 1816, the convicts building of the Great North Road beginning in 1825, through the early transport, the fruit industry and acknowledging the community service through floods fire and, of course, our sporting history.

GPA and GDCC – we have been having a “spiffing time” for 130 years!

Di Coxon-Ellis GPA President
Amanda Fraser GDCC President