Wow! Our Associations are both 130 Years old!

Galston Glenorie District Cricket Club

The Glenorie Progress Association and the Galston Glenorie District Cricket Club have been around in recorded history since 1893. Glenorie was originally part of Dural and later known as North Dural. Both associations were originally called North Dural Progress Association and North Dural Cricket Club. The name North Dural caused confusion for the post office […]

Pets at Work

Pets At Work: Australian Cats

By Nev The Newshound This month I was sent to interview our very own Editor’s Pets @ Work, Office Australian Cats PB and Savannah of Arcadia. Nev: Hi Girls. I am getting a bit of a ‘nepotism’ vibe here with this interview. PB & S: Yes you are probably right there, but we don’t care, […]