Glenorie Rural Fire Brigade – Bushfire Season

Glenorie Rural Fire Brigade - Bushfire Season

ARE YOU READY FOR THE BUSHFIRE SEASON? As we approach another bushfire season, the importance of preparation and planning cannot be overstated. The reality is that during a severe bushfire event, the availability of firefighting resources may be stretched thin. The Hills District is home to 17 Bushfire Brigades and approximately 65 firefighting appliances. There […]

Galston Fire-spotting Tower

Galston Fire-spotting Tower

The Eye In The Sky Keeping The Community Safe From Summer Bushfires A GROUP WITHIN HORNSBY KU-RING-GAI SUPPORT BRIGADE (ADDITIONAL VOLUNTEERS NEEDED) The advantages of a Fire-Spotting Tower is the ability to sight smoke long before the calls come in from the public. THINKING OF VOLUNTEERING? Requirements: • Men or women over the age of […]