Does This Kind Of Teen-Chat Sound Familiar To You?

Living Happily

For almost as long as humans have traversed the earth, generations of teens and pre-teens have developed languages of their own to communicate with one another. The introduction of social media sites such as Tik Tok and the relative ease of digital communication means the slang they are using is evolving at a rapid pace […]

Hrt And Risk Of Breast Cancer: The Age Old Debate

By Dr Sheila Lorenzo – Glenorie District Medical Centre A meta-analysis published in the Lancet entitled Menopausal hormone therapy and 20-year breast cancer mortality showed that the risk of breast cancer was found to have increased the longer women used HRT, and doubling for women who used it for 10 years vs five years. However, […]

Home Wellness Is On The Rise

Home Wellness

One of the biggest trends I have currently seen unfold in the building world is the focus on home wellness amongst renovations, and new home builds. It might be hard to imagine the commonalities between home improvements and wellness, but it turns out, there is a lot. Your house has a significant impact on your […]

Dural & District Historical Society Inc – News From History Cottage

Dural & District Historical Society

How fortunate we are to live where we do; for most of us it has not meant being confined indoors. There has been plenty to do in the garden, time to read and to shop locally. Our thoughts go to those who have not been able to meet with family and who could not participate […]

Hills Hawks Football Club

Football Club

Despite a turbulent winter with plenty of hurdles and uncertainties, the Hills Hawks Football Club completed another successful season, the 51st in the local club’s proud history. Despite a substantial delay to proceedings while the state was in lockdown, the season got under way a few weeks late and enjoyed good weather for the most […]

It’s All Happening At Dural Country Club Bowling Club!

Country Club

In late October, the members of the Women’s Bowling Club and the Men’s Bowling Club voted on a motion to unify the two Clubs. As the vote was almost unanimous – our two Clubs are now amalgamated and are now known as Dural Country Club Bowling Club. Melbourne Cup Day was celebrated with mufti mixed […]

Molly Taylor – Made To Be A Champion

Molly Taylor

By Lawrence Machado Australia’s first women’s rally champion, Molly Taylor, is used to setting the pace and turning heads in what is still a maledominated sport. The Arcadia local broke the barriers being the first woman and youngest driver to win the Australian Rally Championship in 2016, aged 28. The Subaru driver lived life on […]

Expecting a quick rebound

quick rebound

After a year none of us saw coming, it’s refreshing to see signs that the housing market is set to recover. Australia’s biggest home lender says house price falls so far during the pandemic have been surprisingly small and they are predicting a quick rebound. With the fall being less than first expected (and in […]

Two Months And Twelve Cycles Of Christmas….

Cycles Of Christmas

By Susanna Mills Here’s a festive, condensed local bicycling rides guide with just a few of the routes we have covered in the G&G Community News Cycling Series over the last two years. We hope that it will get you out on your bikes at least once a week during December and January. This lovely […]

Muraban Road, Dural

Muraban Road

“Blossoms and Flowers” is the aboriginal meaning of Muraban Road. Muraban Road crests a sandstone ridge and native trees flourish in this area requiring no watering or special care. I came to this place 50 years ago because it was an area with plenty of space and native bushland. I was the first to purchase […]