Local Knit In

This gathering of keen knitters from St. Judes, St Columbs Christ Church Kenhurst Rowland Village and Galston Aquatic Centre. Every 12 months we have a “Knit In” at St Judes for Wrap With Love who distribute knitted blankets through agencies and charities to those needing warmth and love. During last year 26,718 blankets were distributed […]

CWA Galston urges community to start a ‘Sconversation’ about mental health

The Country Women’s Association (CWA) of NSW is launching its annual Awareness Week campaign, to be held from 1- 8 September 2019. This year, Galston CWA, along with the 400 other CWA branches across NSW, is focusing on mental health awareness and support services in our communities, and how all of us can help make […]


Dural lady bowlers may have found a new bowler when Bendigo Bank staffer, Karen, came along to present a new set of bowls for the club’s use with new bowlers. AFTER PRESENTING THEM TO PRESIDENT ROBYN SCOBLE with coach Judith Harris, and after few minutes’ instruction Karen took the new bowls to the green and […]

Spring is in the Air

Spring is on our doorstep, and Warrah Biodynamic Farm has been a hive of activity, both for farmers and the clients we support through our various disability services. The soil is about to start warming up, so the winter lull is about to be whisked away by longer days of sunshine. We are preparing to […]


by Belinda Nadwie, local artist

On my way to meet friends and listen to Neale Whitaker talk interior trends at King Living, I got a call from Art Lovers Australia. The Block contestants had chosen one of my paintings to be in their room! OMG? YAAAASSSS!!!! Excited to say the least. Throughout Neale’s talk, I was biting my nails thinking […]


Would you like to be more involved with things in your local area? Do you have some free time on your hands? Would you like to meet some new people? Here’s a suggestion: why not join our team at Maroota? Who are we and what do we do? Eastbend Rural Communications is a local environmental […]


Steve Bonney checks out the performance of the Aussie Mr T Twin impeller fire pump at Fiddletown NSW

Following an unprecedented dry winter, the RFS has already declared that the bushfire season is underway. Extreme winds have fanned wildfires in Northern NSW leaving authorities battling to gain control. Local Pump Company, Aussie Pumps, is warning Hills District home and business owners to review their bushfire plans and, if necessary, upgrade them. “The dry […]

Go To Girl – What are the benefits of interval training

• HELPS BUILD ENDURANCE: High intensity training adapts to the cellular structure of muscles, which enables you to increase your endurance while doing any type of exercise. • BURNS CALORIES AND FAT IN A SHORTER PERIOD OF TIME: HIIT is great if you have a limited amount of time to work out. Studies show that […]

Jim Walker | HILLS #789493 |(REVIEWED 31/7/2019) NOW

The early years I was born in Warwick Queensland in 1950. My father had a partnership with my uncle making farm machinery and my mother was a school teacher. Our phone number was 716 … wind the handle and talk to the operator to make a call. When I was very young I was afraid […]

Cherrybrook Little Athletics Registration Days

CHERRYBROOK LITTLE ATHLETICS was established in 1994 to offer families in the Cherrybrook, West Pennant Hills, Dural and surrounding areas a Club that promoted personal and athletic growth in safe and positive environment. Our centre is operated entirely by passionate parents and family members on a voluntary basis. Cherrybrook Little Athletics takes place on Friday […]