Following an unprecedented dry winter, the RFS has already declared that the bushfire season is underway. Extreme winds have fanned wildfires in Northern NSW leaving authorities battling to gain control.

Local Pump Company, Aussie Pumps, is warning Hills District home and business owners to review their bushfire plans and, if necessary, upgrade them.

“The dry winter has brought forward the real danger of extreme bushfires as scrub, trees and general vegetation has become tinder dry”, said Aussie Pumps’ Product Manager, Brad Farrugia. “This summer is the potential for an absolutely disastrous fire season that could see lives lost,” he said.

The company is helping property owners be prepared with their Bushfire Survival Guide and range of top-quality firefighting pumps. These include Honda powered Aussie Fire Chief and the mighty “Mr T” twin impeller fire pump.

The Aussie Fire Chief is a robust, high performance, self-priming fire pump that outperforms and out-features others in its class. It boasts a 500 litre per minute maximum flow, and offers a maximum delivery head of 75 metres.

That’s over 100 p.s.i. pressure!
“Capability that is everything when it comes to fire protection,” said Farrugia. “We want to encourage everyone to check out their equipment well beforehand and ensure it’s up to the job,” he said.

For applications requiring more pressure, Aussie’s Mr T delivers heads to 95 metres.. It re lies on a Honda 9 or 13hp heavy duty industrial petrol engine and comes with a full roll frame.

Want to know more? Check online to find your local Aussie Pump distributor.