On my way to meet friends and listen to Neale Whitaker talk interior trends at King Living, I got a call from Art Lovers Australia.

The Block contestants had chosen one of my paintings to be in their room! OMG? YAAAASSSS!!!! Excited to say the least.

Throughout Neale’s talk, I was biting my nails thinking how ironic it was that he would be judging my painting on the weekend.

The painting had to be in St Kilda by Saturday, it was already Wednesday and the painting was huge. Not exactly the easiest thing to ship quickly. I rang my hubby Michael and I said ‘quickly go home and pack the painting ready for shipping PLEASE!’ My regular courier company Allied Express PROMISED to get the painting there on time and they did.

For quite a few years a goal of mine was to get some artwork on The Block. Being part of such a phenomenon can really be career changing for an artist and finally I had a chance to be showcased.

Mel explained that Jesse found my art on the Art Lovers Australia website. They were so excited to go shopping after winning the safe, but many of my paintings he liked, were already sold. They couldn’t believe their luck when they found this unsold one (pictured left). It’s such an honor that they love my work!

We ship paintings all around the world but showcasing my work on The Block was an opportunity we just could not miss. Belinda’s work is available from Art Lovers Australia and The Block Shop