World Music for Galston

A world of music will visit The Galston Concerts on Sunday 26 May starting 2pm in Galston Uniting Church, 11 School Rd, Galston.

Exotic-sounding ‘firsts’ for the series will include accordionist Amelia Granturco and an ensemble with Russian male voice from the Sydney Balalaika Orchestra – rousing finales to each half of a multi-cultural ‘show’.

The soundscape will include the treasured concert grand piano and historic organ of the Galston Uniting Church plus familiar orchestral instruments.

Tonya Lemoh, based in Normanhurst, a world-travelling solo pianist and a favourite of the Galston audience, will stretch Classical traditions and explore foreign lands:

French great Debussy, of Clair de Lune and Golliwog’s Cakewalk fame, will take us to Chinese and Indonesian sounds in Pagodes. Tan Dun, composer of the ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ film score, now New York based, will offer Watercolours, showing French impressionist influences. With clarinettist Deborah de Graaff, Tonya will also play Hungarian, klezmer and ragtime highlights from their recent Rags & Rhapsodies CD. Sydney sisters Susan and Rosemary Blake’s cello and organ solos and duos will include Bach dances and organ ‘pops’. Argentinian, Cuban and Ukrainian selections add to the smorgasbord before the balalaikas literally stop the show with their customary Russian flair.