Still Creek Landcare – Planting Native Plants in Autumn

Planting native plants on your property is rewarding and can be a lot of fun, particularly when done with friends or family.

In this area, autumn is generally the best time, as it gives the plant time to establish itself before the next summer. As we had recent rains, now is a great time to get started!

For great success and good environmental outcomes, choose locally native plants grown from local seed. These plants are best adapted to your soils, climate and aspect and much appreciated by the local wildlife.

Choose plants for your soil type, rather than import soils to suit the chosen plants and keep in mind, that plants needing full sun, rarely survive in shade.

Prepare your planting site by removing weeds. The use of mulches and groundcovers will help to reduce weeds in future and will keep the soil moist, cool and friable.

Most native plants will grow well without extra fertilisers, and high phosphate fertilisers or fresh manures can be harmful to them.

A well prepared planting hole with rim of soil to collect water when hand watering, will make follow up watering easier and more successful.

Surrounding the newly planted tree or shrub with a frost bag, can protect the young plants from frost, dry hot winds, rabbits, unintended wiper sniper, mower, and herbicide damage. In areas with wallabies, Kangeroos or deer, more substantial fencing is usually required.

As a tip, a light pruning of shrubs and groundcovers promotes compact growth and more flowers.

Still Creek Landcare has been running a free native plants programme for landowners who have cleared weeds, or want to plant a wildlife corridor, or join up bits of separated bush or simply add more habitat.

If you want to do something similar and live in Hornsby Council or near Old Northern Rd, contact Nick on 9653 2056. For more information about Landcare, find us at and on Facebook.