Why I like Hillside Public School

During Learning from Home, we asked our younger students what they liked about attending Hillside Public School. Here are their answers:

Isla: I like Hillside because there are nice kids and teachers. I also like the sport we all play together.

Kayla: I like that it is not crowded, and you can find your way through anything. I like the teachers. I also like that there is a lot of room on the playground to play and all the equipment in the playground.

Esther: I like small schools because we are safe.

Jon-Pierre: I like playing with my friends.

Daniel: I like it because of my friends, and it is fun.

Anthony: Three things I like about Hillside. I like to play with other kids, I like the classrooms and I love our playground area.

Enzo: I love doing art and painting at school. I also love my friends. I love when we did all our work and we were given popcorn and chocolate milk.

Leila: Everyone is kind.

Kayden: I like playing with everyone and we all get along together.

Yes, at Hillside all the students play together and in shared areas of the playground. During whole school activities our students are grouped in Peer Groups with our senior students as leaders. The students are really looking forward to being able to be back on the school site and playing with their friends.

During Learning from home our students have enjoyed a huge range of learning opportunities through online programs, take-home packs and whole school Zoom sessions. We have enjoyed seeing cats, dogs, guinea pigs and younger siblings while sharing their learning from home experiences. Favourite Zoom activities include the Thursday quiz sessions, the whole school fitness session on Fridays and the Book Week spoon characters parade.

The staff appreciate the wonderful support they have received from the parents during the Learning from Hometime.

We hope to be able to hold our Kindergarten 2022 Orientation sessions during Term 4. We are still taking enrolments. Please contact the school on 02 9652 1459.