Navigating the pandemic together, the Northholm Way

A return to school for Term 3 last month meant a return to remote learning. The nation, and the world, has been through a lot since the beginning of the COVID pandemic but time again we have found ways to come together and continue to appreciate and rely on each other.

At Northholm Grammar, we understand that our students would love to be on campus together but, while this is not possible, we are unified in our commitment to challenge and support them through this experience.  pandemic pandemic

The foundation to remote learning at Northholm is to ensure the online environment emulates face-to-face learning to a high level. To support this, classes follow the daily timetable schedule and are coordinated through Zoom video conferencing to maintain a sense of connection and belonging with teachers and peers. The School has high expectations of all students for completion of work as well as ongoing participation in all academic and pastoral activities.

We believe that there can be enormous capacity for developing our students positively during remote learning. To achieve this, we are deliberate and intentional in practising the principles of learning, grow and flourish.

Learn: Northholm sets clear guidelines and high expectations to support students in their learning, believing that our students are capable of high levels of autonomy and rigour.

Grow: Maintaining the balance between online learning and application is essential to helping our students get through the day, delivered as part of our philosophy of ‘academic intentionality with pastoral attentiveness’. pandemic

Flourish: We are hopeful and optimistic that, despite this adversity, Northholm students are resilient, adaptable and will flourish.

We also recognise the importance of families as part of this shared experience as our students learn at home. These are challenging times however, it also provides a great opportunity to help our young men and women appreciate the strength of the family unit and for them to learn new skills, take responsibility as team members, and better understand what parents do for them daily.