Weaving Connections Through Nature

The Hills have been coming alive with basket weaving this summer, with residents learning how to weave from locally foraged fibres. Award-winning Galston artist Kirrily Jordan has been teaching people how to identify plants for use and turn them into their own gorgeous creations.

“Everyone at my workshops has been so excited to learn to weave baskets. Especially when they see how the plants around them can be put to such great use!” Kirrily said. “Most people tell me that after the workshops they’ve begun harvesting plants for their next basket straight away. I love to imagine more and more people sustainably connecting to our local environment in that way.”

Some of the most common plants in the region are suitable for weaving, including lomandra and gymea lily. “They both make really beautiful baskets,” Kirrily said, “and I’m always amazed at the end of a workshop by the magnificent things people have made!”

Kirrily’s next workshop is in Hornsby on 25 March. For tickets and more dates go to