Hornsby Councillor Warren Waddell

At Warren Waddell, As part of Council’s recent community engagement process and Special Rate Variation, our Shire will now be better prepared for disaster management.

We have been fortunate in recruiting RFS veteran Rolf Pool, as our Emergency Management Coordinator.

Rolf’s role is a diverse one, responsible for being the primary point of contact during disaster events, preparing disaster management plans and guiding future planning to be better prepared.

Council welcome’s Rolf to our team.

I am pleased to announce that the off-leash dog walking facility for Fagan Park will progress. I thank the community for their feedback and positive contributions to the discussion. This was a request brought to me in my first term as Councillor. These enquiries resulted in a Shire wide assessment which led to four more off leash parks and two more upgraded facilities.

Rural Roundup

A motion put by Councillor Greenwood at the last council meeting will result in an assessment of locker requirements at the Galston Aquatic Centre. I have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback relating to the recently refurbished pool complex, however, lockers and accessibility have been raised as further potential improvements.

Finally, our operations team will be once again pitch to Transport NSW a plan to upgrade the bus terminus located at the gateway to Glenorie Village. An upgrade to this facility would result in an improvement to the water stand area and bus stop. A more attractive gateway would be an extension of improvements being undertaken throughout the Memorial Hall and Cenotaph precinct.

In addition, recent collaboration with Hills Councillors has resulted in a plan to escalate the urgent need to complete New Line Rd. Only by a coordinated approach, highlighting the frustration of the rural community will this key piece of infrastructure ever be prioritised.

As always, happy to assist with any issue via the contact details. Ph: 0499 004 861 [email protected]