Rural Roundup Hornsby Councillor Warren Waddell

Several residents have enquired if it would be possible to make the crossing of Arcadia Road even safer for children. The recently formed road verge and pedestrian island are an obvious benefit, however, the inclusion of a zebra crossing is also up for consideration.

If you would like to comment on this proposal, please go to the Council website or use the following link: https://yoursay.hornsby.nsw. If the exhibition period should end in the meantime, feel free to email your comments and I will pass them on myself.

While you are at it, Hornsby Council is calling on people of all ages to contribute to a 10-year plan for a socially sustainable shire. The plan will set out clear directions for priorities and actions to support social cohesion, community connectedness, resilience, and wellbeing. To have your say, please use this online link: https://yoursay.hornsby.nsw.

Free plant giveaways have returned to the community nursery! The nursery located at 28 Britannia St Pennant Hills will open at 9am, Friday 23rd February. Bookings essential:

On a broader note, Council has serious concerns over the State Governments plan to increase housing density.

The blanket, “one size fits all”, approach lacks planning merit and would harm the character of our Shire’s suburbs, heritage precincts, environment, and tree canopy. Let alone a total disregard for lack of infrastructure.

We will be making a case to the State planning authority that we already have existing planning strategies that have been developed from the ground up with substantial community consultation.

Our Rural Land Strategy is a merit and evidence-based strategy that seeks to preserve the integrity of our rural area while identifying a sustainable approach to housing, local economy, and our environment.

State planning reforms will undermine all of this. I will be working hard to ensure that our community controls its own future in terms of planning.

As always, happy to assist with any issue via the contact details. Ph: 0499 004 861 [email protected]