Warren Ballinger

How long have you been a part of the Galston Rural Fire Brigade?

I got involved at the start of 2017

What is your role there?

When you’re not at the brigade, what do you do for a living?
I work in the orthopaedic industry, distributing hip and knee prostheses.

What made you join the RFS?
There are a number of reasons, but I love living in the Galston community and wanted to make a contribution to it.

How did you find the training?
I really enjoyed it. It is completely different to my day job and this provides great variety in life. You meet some great people and learn plenty of new skills

Considering you’re new, how have you found adjusting to the brigade?
Adjusting to the brigade was simple, due mainly to the positive culture at the brigade. I was made to feel welcome from the start. Everyone is friendly, supportive and they want you to succeed.

What advice would you give someone thinking of joining?
Just go and do it. I have wanted to join for years and always found a reason that I couldn’t. Mostly I felt I was too busy at work. This year I bit the bullet and joined anyway. So far it has been everything I hoped for and more, and I regret not joining earlier. If you push through the “life is too busy” piece, it will open the path Brigade Contact Details: to join something that is fun, exciting and most of all worthwhile.