Warrah Farm Shop

So much rain! We are extremely grateful that our rural campus and farm held up to the torrents of autumn really well, and that the worst consequence is an abundance of weeds! At the time of writing, we are planning to wrap up the month with another of our Intro to Backyard Veggie Gardening courses. The focus of this session will be the importance of timings and being ahead of the coming cooler months. We will also brush up on our nursery skills. In May, we will turn our attention to pruning and will be running an introductory course on the principles of pruning to our Farm Shop customers.

Our Warrah Society participants (pictured) have also been busy with some wonderfully companionable gardening. Social therapeutic gardening uses the experience of plants, gardens and animals as a vehicle to improve physical and mental health and wellbeing, communication and thinking skills, confidence and inclusion. It promotes the outdoors as a safe and secure place to develop the ability to socialise, make friends and learn practical skills that develop independence.

News from the farm is that while the bush beans may be finished, we have snow peas coming up. Along with the usual greens, customers have been enjoying tangy red and green mustards in their fresh autumn salads. We are eagerly awaiting a delivery of strawberry runners, and their sweet promise of summer. To improve microbial activity, we will also be applying more biodynamic preparations to the soil.

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