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Glenorie RFS

Glenorie and its surrounding communities have a big heart, and what a sight to see that community heart in action. With the recent floods having a massive impact on our neighbours in Wisemans Ferry, there was plenty of opportunities to reach out and lend a hand at a difficult time. Along with many other rural fire brigades, Army personnel, community members, families and friends., Glenorie Brigade was eager to assist in the cleanup efforts. These efforts help restore a sense of normalcy; it restores hope and a way for those dealing with these challenges to move forward. We share a big thank you to everyone who helped.

The lighter side of being in the Brigade is getting to educate about our roles as firefighters. Recently Dooral Preschool invited us to meet their students. We had some keen listeners, some good hose work, and some that were only interested in the big red truck. It was a fun day for us, and we certainly see many potential recruits in there in a few years or so.

To top it all off, Dooral Preschool families had gathered provisions to donate to the flood victims. Their incredible generosity filled a trailer and ute with shelf-stable foods, nappies, toilet paper and water. These were then ferried by helicopter to areas in need that were still cut off by floodwater and road damage.

It’s not only the good experiences but also witnessing how our community rises to meet the bad experiences, which reminds us why we appreciate the neighbourhood we are a part of.

So much water can put a damper on fire preparation thoughts, but it’s essential to plan ahead. Member Angus Tkacz had the opportunity to participate in RFS trials looking at various bush firefighter breathing apparatus, an essential component in personal fire protection. We look forward to the outcome of the trials and how we can enhance all members’ safety.

If you plan to burn off garden debris, it is now possible to do so if you live in the allowed zones. Check this by going to your council website, ensuring your property meets the criteria and filling out the necessary online permits. It is important to wait for a response that you have permission to carry out the burn. There are better ways to meet the brigade members than a surprise visit from us. Come and speak with us if you have questions or need assistance with getting the required permissions.

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