Warrah Farm Shop

FERVENT ENTHUSIASM’ is probably a good way to describe the mood of the past month here at Warrah Farm. We have begun our transition to the preparation phase for Spring, which included welcoming new faces to the team. Young farmers with a great passion for organic and biodynamic market gardening, Cameron and Steve are excited to take over the farming reigns. Rob, our Farm Manager of the past 6 years, is now able to focus his attention on building greater opportunities for our clients, residents and school children living with disabilities to have increased engagement with the farm and the nursery. Our vision is to optimise the opportunities for them to experience the therapeutic benefits of gardening and farming.

Our modern lifestyles take us further away from nature and food production than we should be. Therapeutic gardening and farming not only builds self-esteem by teaching invaluable life skills, it creates meaning and structure, and imparts a sense of belonging to a productive community. Contact with the soil and soil bacteria releases serotonin, with its many health and wellbeing benefits. And then there is the dopamine high that comes with the harvest.

Currently, the last of the Warrah citrus is being harvested, with delicious and juicy oranges still for sale in the Farm Shop. We are harvesting leeks, kale, salad greens and chard, while also getting the ground ready for the spring planting. We are definitely keen to say goodbye to the cooler months, and embrace the warmth. Spring is a great time for all the new life we get to observe and enjoy on the farm: insects, bird life, different veggies and wonderful flowers.

Our Farm Shop is open to the public six days a week with a full range of organic and biodynamic fruit and vegetables, as well as groceries, sourdough bread and fresh meat.