View Club Urges Galston Community to Sponsor an Australian Child During Anti-poverty Week

By Helen Harte

This Anti-Poverty Week (17-23 October), members of Galston VIEW Club are calling on the local community to sponsor an Australian child through leading children’s education charity, The Smith Family.

Galston VIEW Club sponsors 6 children through The Smith Family’s Leaming for Life program, which provides them with educational and personal support. However, with one in six young Australians living in poverty, help is needed now more than ever.

This year has been particularly challenging for students experiencing disadvantage, with thousands of children and young people forced into remote learning due to COVID-19.

Many don’t have access to a reliable internet connection, an appropriate device, or a comfortable, quiet space to do their schoolwork. This puts them at risk of falling behind their more advantaged peers.

President of the Galston VIEW Club said joining VIEW, or becoming a sponsor, has never been more important.

“This year has been extremely tough on children experiencing disadvantage, with COVID-19 exacerbating many of the challenges they already face.

This is why VIEW is so passionate about supporting the work of The Smith Family because it’s through education that we can help break the cycle of poverty and allow these children to create better futures for themselves,” she said.

VIEW Clubs raised over $1.1 million for The Smith Family last year, and support 1,480. “Joining VIEW is not only a wonderful way to help out children in need, it’s also a great way to get involved in the community, with our club 2 Fashion Parades, Monthly light luncheon Plus Monthly meeting/Luncheon

To find out more about joining VIEW, visit or call 1800 805 366. To sponsor a child through The Smith Family, visit or call 1800 633 622.