Twenty Years Valued Volunteering

Anton & Lyla Abood
Anton & Lyla Abood

At Arcadia we enjoy a priceless sense of ownership and pride in our school. Our beloved scripture teacher, Lyla Abood, has been teaching Catholic scripture at Arcadia School since 1997. Lyla adores the school and has many close connections with Arcadian families, having also taught a large number of Arcadian parents along the way! Lyla often announces to the teachers that nothing will stop her from doing two things; attending St Benedict’s church and teaching scripture at Arcadia Public School. Lyla is always present at our open days and fundraisers and she bakes delicious cakes and donates them to our school canteen. Next year will be particularly special for the Abood family, when Lyla’s granddaughter Zoe begins in Kindergarten. Zoe’s big brothers Anton and Louie are sure to be watching over her and enjoying the fun of starting big school through Zoe’s experiences. Thank you for all of your support Lyla. We appreciate everything you do for us.

We’re looking forward to welcoming our Kindergarten 2018 students for “Starting Big School” on October 18, October 26 and November 3. They’ll meet their ‘big buddies’ and see just what big school is all about.

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